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飞秒激光器  高斯光束  气体激光器  掺镱增益介质  YLF激光器  黄色和橙色激光  YAG激光器  垂直外腔面发射激光器  钒酸激光器  紫外激光器  超快激光器  超快放大器  可调谐激光器  钛蓝宝石激光器  准分子激光  双包层光纤  半导体泵浦激光器  二极管堆栈  二极管激光器  二极管板条  CO2激光器  倾斜腔  大面积光电二极管  蓝光激光器  光束质量  光束仿形器  表面发射半导体激光器  特种光纤  固体激光器  半导体激光器  再生放大器  掺稀土增益介质  掺稀土光纤  调Q激光器  脉冲激光器  脉冲激光沉积  脉冲选择器  脉冲持续时间  脉冲压缩  脉冲特性  功率计  皮秒激光器  光参量振荡器  光参量放大器  非线性频率转换  纳秒激光器  锁模激光器  激光  激光焊  激光打印  激光材料技术培训  光束参数乘积  光束均质器  自相关仪  氩离子激光器  放大器  紫翠宝石激光器激光晶体  光束质量因子  高功率光纤激光器和放大器  绿激光  激光加工  激光二极管  激光二极管模块  激光切割  激光光束特征  克尔透镜锁模  高功率激光  增益介质  三倍频  倍频  荧光灯  光纤  光纤光学  光纤激光器 

相干公司成立于1966年,是世界第一大激光器及相关光电子产品生产商,产品服务于科研、医 疗、工业加工等多个行业;秉承40年的激光制造经验和创新精神,致力于提供一流的商业化激光器,促进科学研究不断进步、生产制造行业生产力和加工精度的不 断提高;其全球化的销售、客户服务和技术支持网络更为客户提供全球范围内的合作和服务。



  • Lasers

Chameleon Family

CW Solid-State Lasers


Continuous Wave (CW) Lasers with wavelengths from the

 deep UV to the far IR, and power levels from a few mW's up

 to to multiple Watts.


·         Cytometry

·         Genomics

·         Microscopy

·         Proteomics

CO2 and CO Lasers

blob.pngSealed CO2 and CO Lasers from Watts to Kilowatts for processing materials ranging from paper to metal.


·         Cutting

·         Drilling

·         Engraving

·         Printing

·         Scribing

Diode Laser Systems and Fiber Lasers

blob.pngkW Class Lasers for any materials processing and industrial application.


·         Cladding

·         Cutting

·         Heat Treating

·         Soldering

·         Welding

Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers

blob.pngSolid-state Lasers in IR, Green and UV wavelengths offering fs, ps, ns and sub-ns pulses and powers up 100 watts.


·         Cutting

·         Dicing

·         Drilling

·         Engraving

·         Marking

Diode Lasers

blob.pngUnmounted diode laser bars, fiber coupled devices, and full turnkey diode systems in a range of wavelengths, power and configurations.


·         Dental

·         Industrial

·         Laser Display

·         Medical

·         Pumping 

Excimer Lasers

blob.pngField-proven compact UV light sources, high-power excimer lasers, and complete beam delivery systems.


·         Laser Annealing

·         Laser Lift-Off

·         Thin Film Growth

·         Laser Sampling

·         Micro Drilling

Industrial Short-Pulse Lasers

blob.pngLasers covering all pulse duration ranges from ns to ps and fs, with wavelengths from the IR to UV, with very high power levels.


·         Cutting

·         Dicing

·         Drilling

·         Marking

·         Mask Repair

·         Repair of Memories

·         Display

Ion Lasers

blob.pngSmall- and large-frame argon, krypton and mixed-gas Ion Lasers with wavelengths available from the UV to the IR.


·         Digital Imaging

·         Direct Imaging

·         Holography

·         Microscopy

·         PCB Imaging

Structured Light Lasers

blob.pngPattern Generating Lasers for single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to +/-1%CV.


·         3-D Mapping

·         Alignment Systems

·         Manufacturing

·         Material Inspection

·         Measurement

Tunable Lasers

blob.pngSingle-frequency, ultra-narrow linewidth, Continuous Wave (CW) Tunable Lasers with 30 GHz scanning capabilities.


·         Atom Cooling

·         Atom Trapping

·         Optical Pumping

·         Spectroscopy

Ultrafast Amplifiers and Oscillators

Industrial-grade Scientific Lasers with repetition rates from 10 Hz to 100 MHz, and pulse energies from nJ to mJ.


·         CARS

·         MPE

·         Pump Studies

·         Quantum Physics

·         Spectroscopy

·         THz Studies

Optical Fiber and Assemblies

blob.pngAdvanced optical fibers and fiber assemblies for advanced R&D and OEM applications.


·         Fabrication

·         Guidance

·         Sensing

·         Transmission

  • Laser Measurement

    and Control

Laser Measurement Tools

Laser Measurement and Control Products

blob.pngShop Coherent's complete line of laser measurement and beam diagnostics products.

LabMax-Pro Mobile App

blob.pngWirelessly operate laser power and energy sensors using an off-the-shelf mobile device. Saving and export data for in-depth analysis and reporting.

LMC System Kits

blob.pngPopular test and measurement items bundled together for additional savings.

Laser Measurement and Control Help Center

blob.pngNeed help? Find answers online about calibration/repair and RMAs, software and driver downloads, product documentation, application notes, as well as FAQs.

Benefits of Buying from Coherent

blob.pngLearn more about advantages you obtain from a Coherent LMC purchase including: ISO 17025 accreditation, Coherent family plan discount program, Operational Excellence and C24 Quick Ship Program.

What's New from Laser Measurement and Control

blob.pngDiscover the newest products, software updates, literature and information from the Laser Measurement and Control group at Coherent.

  • Laser Cutting and
    Machining Tools


Laser Cutting Tools

blob.pngThe most compact, flexible laser cutters available for any production shop. Coherent's line of laser cutting tools offers enhanced performance and ease-of-use. Explore our complete line up.

Laser Cutting Materials and Applications

blob.pngCoherent's laser cutting tools are used in many industries for cutting perfect parts from all types of materials from metals, plastics, and composites to paper, ceramics, wood and more. See our capabilities.

Lease Financing

blob.pngCoherent's Laser Cutting Machines are now available with a lease option. Please follow this link for more information on lease financing.

See Our Laser Cutting Tools in Action

blob.pngSee for yourself what our laser cutting tools can do.  Check out our video library.

Laser Cutting FAQs

blob.pngMany questions often arise when evaluating laser cutting machines. Review our FAQ section to find answers to frequently asked questions about the purchase and use of laser cutters.


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1 kHz Optical Parametric Amplifiers
1 kHz, 5 kHz and 10 kHz Ultrafast Amplifiers
1.6 mm Onyx MCCP High Power Array.
1.6 mm Pitch Pump Bars
1.6 mm Pump Array
10 Hz High Energy Ultrafast Amplifiers
1000:1 Attentuator (RoHS)
2.1 mm High Power Array
2.1 mm Pitch Pump Bars
250 kHz Optical Parametric Amplifiers
250 kHz Ultrafast Amplifiers
808 nm High Density Pump Bars
808 nm Pump Bars
90° Elbows
915 nm High Density Pump Bars
915 nm Pump Bars
940 nm High Density Pump Bars
940 nm Pump Bars
975 nm High Density Pump Bars
975 nm Pump Bars
Actively Q-Switched
Advanced Optical Fiber & Assemblies
Air-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 150W (RoHS)
Astrella Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier
AVIA NX Family of Compact DPSS Lasers
BeamMaster USB Knife-Edge Based Beam Profilers
BeamView-USB Analyzer Software
Bend Insensitive Fiber
Bend Insensitive Fiber-BIF-1310-L2, BIF-RC-1310-L2
Bend Insensitive Fiber-BIF-1550-L2, BIF-RC-1550-L2
Bend Insensitive Fiber-BIF-780-L2, BIF-RC-780-L2
Benefits of Buying from Coherent
BioRay FR (Fiber-Ready)
BioRay Lasers
BraggStar M
C24 Program
Carrying and Storage Cases
CEP for Legend Elite Amplifiers
Chameleon Compact OPO Family
Chameleon Discovery
Chameleon Family
Chameleon PreComp Accessory
Chameleon Ultra Family
Chameleon Vision Family
CO Laser - 5µm
CO2 and CO Lasers
Coherent Family Plan
Coherent GUI - AVIA, Verdi, Vitesse and Monaco
ColdRay Lasers
Compass 115M
Compass Lasers
Conduction Cooled Package (CCP)
Continuous-Wave (CW)
CUBE Accessories
CUBE Lasers
Custom and OEM Diode Laser Products
Custom Designs
Custom OEM Subsystems
Custom Phase Masks
CW Solid-State Lasers
DFG 9800/9850
Diffractive Optical Elements
Diode Laser Systems and Fiber Lasers
Diode Lasers
Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers
Energy Sensor Damage Test Slides
EnergyMax Heat Sink Accessories
EnergyMax Laser Sensors
EnergyMax-RS Sensors
EnergyMax-USB Sensors
EnergyMax-USB/RS Sensors
Excimer Laser EnergyMax Sensors
Excimer Lasers and Applications
ExciStar XS
Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 300W (RoHS)
FAP 600 Series
FAP 800 Series
Femtosecond Lasers
Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes
Fiber Optic Connector Adapters
Fidelity Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fiber Lasers
Fidelity-2 Ultrafast Fiber Oscillator
FieldMaxII Rechargeable Battery Pack
G-Stack Diode Lasers
Genesis CX SLM-Series (End User/OEM)
Genesis CX STM Compact (OEM)
Genesis CX STM-Series (End User)
Genesis CX STM-Series (End User/OEM)
Genesis CX STM-Series (OEM)
Genesis CX-Series
Genesis Lasers
Genesis MX MTM-Series
Genesis MX MTM-Series (OEM)
Genesis MX SLM-Series (End User)
Genesis MX SLM-Series (OEM)
Genesis MX STM-Series (End User)
Genesis MX STM-Series (OEM)
Genesis MX-Series
Genesis Taipan 460 nm to 577 nm
Genesis Taipan 607 nm to 639 nm
Genesis Taipan HD
Genesis Taipan-Series
Harmonic Generator
Harmonic Generator System (HGS)
High Power Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 5kW (RoHS)
High Repetition-Rate EnergyMax Sensors
High-Peak-Power Thermopile Sensors (RoHS)
High-Sensitivity Optical Sensors (RoHS)
High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors to 2W (RoHS)
HighLight D-Series
HighLight Direct Diode Lasers
HighLight FAP System Family
HighLight FL-Series
HighLight FL-Series 2-3 kW
Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays
Hyper Rapid
Hyper Rapid NX
Industrial Picosecond
Industrial Short-Pulse Lasers
Innova 300C
Innova 70
Innova 90
Innova FreD
Innova ICE
Innova Sabre
Instrument Accessories
Interference Filters
Ion Lasers
ISO 17025:2005 Accredited
J-Power Pro Power Supply
LabMax Firmware Updates
LabMax-Pro Mobile App
LabMax-Pro SSIM
LabMax-TOP with GPIB
Large-Area High-Power Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 5kW (RoHS)
Laser Beam Diagnostics
Laser Cutting FAQs
Laser Cutting for All Materials
Laser Cutting Materials and Applications
Laser Cutting Tool Production Automation (PA) Options
Laser Cutting Tools
Laser Measurement and Control Help Center
Laser Measurement and Control Products
Laser Power and Energy Meters
LaserCam-HR (RoHS)
LaserCam-HR Family
LaserCam-HR II
Lasers for Life Sciences
Lease Financing
Legend Elite Cryo PA
Legend Elite Series
Libra Series
LMC System Kits
Long Phase Mask
Machine Vision & Structured Light Laser Accessories
Machine Vision & Structured Light Lasers
Magnum II Laser
MATRIX Family of DPSS Lasers
MBD 266
MBR Ring Series
Mephisto Family of Lasers
Mephisto MOPA
Mephisto Q
Mephisto/Mephisto S
META Laser Cutting Tool
Mini Laser
Miniature Diode Laser Modules
Mira 900
Mira Family
Mira OPO-X
ModeMaster PC M-Squared (M2) Beam Propagation Analyzer
ModeMaster PC Scan Head Modular Components
Mounting Brackets
Multipurpose EnergyMax Sensors
Nanosecond Lasers
Near UV-VIS Silica Core Fiber-NUV-320-K1
New Lasers
OBIS 2nd Emission Indicator
OBIS 6-Laser Remote
OBIS Accessories
OBIS FP (Fiber-Pigtailed)
OBIS Galaxy and OBIS FP Lasers
OBIS Heat Sink
OBIS Laser Box
OBIS Laser Cable (0.3 meter)
OBIS Laser Cable (1 meter)
OBIS Laser Cable (3 meter)
OBIS Laser System
OBIS Lasers
OBIS LG Lasers
OBIS Power Supply
OBIS Scientific Remote
OBIS Single Laser Remote
Off-the-shelf OEM Power Sensors (RoHS)
Onyx Micro Channel Cooled Package (MCCP)
OPA 9400/9450
OPA 9800/9850
OPerA Solo Ultrafast Optical Parametric Amplifier
Opera-F and Opera-HP for Monaco
Operational Excellence
Paladin Advanced 355
Paladin Advanced 532
Paladin Compact 355
Passively Q-Switched
Phase Mask Product Line
Phased Out LMC Products
Picosecond Lasers
Polarization Maintaining Fiber
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-1550-B2
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-488-B1
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-633-B1
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-RC-1300-B1
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-RC-1300-B2
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-RC-1550-B1
Polarization Maintaining Fiber-PMF-RC-820-B1
Position Sensing Air-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 100 W (RoHS)
Position Sensing Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 5 kW (RoHS)
Power Supplies
PowerLine Laser
PowerMax-Pro Sensor
PowerMax-Pro USB and RS Sensors
PowerMax-RS Sensors
PowerMax-USB Sensors
PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors
Pulse Compressors
Pulse Picker
Pulse Switch for Mira 900
Pulsed Q-Switched
QCW and Modelocked
QS3 Program
Quantum EnergyMax Sensors
Rectangular Phase Mask
Replacement AC Power Adapters
Revolution Lasers
Safety Key Box with Remote Interlock
Sapphire FP (Fiber-Pigtailed)
Sapphire Lasers
Sapphire LP (Low Power)
Sapphire LP/SF Driver Unit
Sapphire SF (Single-Frequency)
ScanMatePro® Series
Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor (SHBC)/TOPAS-400
See Our Laser Cutting Tools in Action
Select Cut-Off and Standard Single-Mode Fiber
Select Cut-Off and Standard Single-Mode Fiber-SCSM-633-HP1
Select Cut-Off Single-Mode Fiber-SCSM-1060-HP1
Select Cut-Off Single-Mode Fiber-SCSM-450-HP1
Sensors - Laser Power
Short-Pulse Lasers
Single Bar MCCP Package
Single Emitter Diode Lasers.
Single-Shot Autocorrelator (SSA)
StingRay Developer's Kit
StingRay Lasers
StingRay µFocus
T-MFL Laser
Talisker 1000 and HE
Talisker Ultra
Thermal SmartSensor Adapter
Three Bar Pump Array
TracER Compact
Tunable Lasers
Ultrafast Amplifier Accessories
Ultrafast Amplifiers
Ultrafast Laser Oscillators and Amplifiers
Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories
Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Oscillators
Universal Voltage Adapter
Unmounted Diode Laser Bars (UMB)
UV Optical Components
UV Processing Solutions
VarioLas Family
Verdi Family of Lasers
Verdi G Series
Verdi V Series
Vitara Family
Vitara-CEP Stabilizer
Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors to 150W (RoHS)
WaveMaster Wavelength Meter
What's New from Laser Measurement and Control
YAG/Harmonics and IR Sensors

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