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Lasermet's experience and expertise in laser safety is unparalleled in the UK and beyond, and our services for advice, training, laser system classification, risk assessment and FDA registration, are sought after by an increasing number of companies spanning the entire spectrum of laser applications, from virtual reality LED systems, through rangefinders, telecommunications, medical and laser displays, to high power cutting lasers. The company employs two of the world's acknowledged leading experts in laser safety.

Lasermet was founded in 1987 by Bryan Tozer, chairman of the BSI and European laser safety standards committees, and for 20 years head of laser safety in the UK electricity industry. In 1992 the company was joined by David Wells, the UK delegate to the international medical laser safety committee and for 20 years the head of laser safety at the DoH. Paul Tozer, safety officer to the Entertainment Laser Association joined the company in 1994.


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