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Pleiger Laseroptik GmbH & Co. KG stands for a corporate culture of competence, flexibility and reliability. We believe in building strong, long-term, business relationships. We understand that you have to know your market to be in it.
PLEIGER offers optical components for worldwide delivery. Our coating services range from UV to IR applications.



Pleiger Laseroptik’s precision mirrors are used in resonators, deflection units, and for beam bending. Our product range includes flat mirrors and spherical optics of silicon, copper, silicon carbide, and fused silica. Combined with our gold-based high-power coatings, we offer precisely the suitable optics for any application with a wavelength of 10.6 µm. We also offer scanner mirrors for laser marking, plane mirrors for laser cutting, and bending mirrors for medical technology.


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_Silicon Carbide

ZnSe Lenses

The ZnSe lenses for laser cutting and marking are made of high-quality material with the lowest absorption values. Combined with an anti-reflex coating, PLEIGER optics allow the focusing of a high-power CO2 laser with excellent precision. For the highest laser outputs above 4 kW, we offer a low-absorbing AR/AR coating, which minimizes the “thermal lensing”.

Lenses for laser cutting:

_Spare parts for most laser machines
_Standard AR (A < 0.20 %)
_Low-Absorption AR (A < 0.15 %)
Reference Guide | Download
_Transmission range 0,5 – 22 µm
_Refractive index @ 10,6 µm 2,4028
_Refractive index inhomogeneity @ 10,6 µm 3 x 10-6
_Thermo-optic coefficient @ 10,6 µm 611 x 10-6 K-1
_Absorption coefficient @ 10,6 µm 5,0 x 10-4 cm-1


Lightweight optics made of Silicon Carbide are a perfect combination of material properties and polishing technologies. This ceramic material offers high stiffness, thermal stability and good thermal properties. SiC is a non-toxic replacement for Beryllium in high speed laser scanning systems without lowering the dynamic performance of the system.

_Density ? [g/cm3]   > 3,16
_Compressive strength RS [MPa]   2200
_Flexural strength, 4-pt bending s [MPa]   510 (25 °C)
_Young‘s modulus E [GPa]   420
_Poisson ratio µ   0,17
_Knopp hardness HK [GPa]   2450
_Fracture toughness KIC [MPa vm]   4
_Thermal conductivity ? [W/mK]   150
_Coefficient of thermal expansion a [10-6 K-1]   4,1 (500°C)
_Brochure Scanning Optics | Download
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