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光谱学  多程吸收池  激光光谱学  激光二极管驱动器 


Port City Instruments is involved in the design and build of laser-based gas sensing systems for industrial and research applications. These systems use single-mode tunable semiconductor lasers (DFB, ICL and QCL lasers) operating in the 1-12 micron wavelength region, which allow sensitive detection of a wide range of gases important in industrial and environmental monitoring applications. Single-line spectroscopy is the primary detection method utilized. We have the capability to develop complete gas sensing instruments including design/build of optical, electrical, mechanical and software subsystems, or we can work on a consulting basis to help in the design of custom components or sensors for specific applications. Contact us for additional information.


PCI-HC10m Herriott Cell:

Quick Start Guide

User Manual

PCI-1D Benchtop TDLAS Controller:

Quick Start Guide (Rev A)

User Manual (Rev A)

Quick Start Guide (Rev B)

User Manual (Rev B)

PCI-FPGA-1A OEM 2f Controller Board (Rev C):

Programming Interface (Rev C): (ZIP file containing GUI for programming the on-board flash memory)

User Manual (Rev C)

Hookup Diagram (Rev C)

Default Jumper Settings (Rev C)


PCI-TBH1 Quick Start Guide (Heater controller module)

PCI-FPGA-1B User Manual (Packaged PCI-FPGA-1A board)

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