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Q-Peak Inc. provides Laser contract research and development services in a wide diversity of technical areas to both government and commercial customers. Our interests span basic research to technology development leading to fieldable laser systems.



The moonbow laser is ultracompact, passively Q-switched, Nd:YLF laser emitting mJ-pulses at 1047 nm. A sister product, the Moonbow-G is a frequency doubled 523.5-nm laser with approximately half the pulse energy of the Moonbow.

Aurora E1516 E2520


Qpeak has 30 years’ experience of making solid-state lasers. Nowadays, solid-state lasers are still holding the advantages of generating high pulse energy compared to fiber or diode lasers. Qpeak is proudly offering the following solid-state laser systems as Lidar sources which high pulse energy is must.

Firebow CW10 Tm Fiber Lasers Em Ring Hi Power


Q-Peak built the first CW Thulium doped fiber laser to achieve more than 1 kW at 2 μm. Thoughout the years, Q-Peak has also built many other high power lasers in the 2 μm range either in cw regime or pulsed regime. Recently, Q-Peak has successfully run a single frequency, single mode all-fiber laser for an extended running time at 2 μm with more than 500 W. Q-Peak has been developing techniques to build all-fiber laser beyond 1 kW at 2 μm.

Sprite OEM fiber components


Q-Peak’s Sprite fiber components are small elements with big capabilities. Q-Peak can meet any system requirement with an individual component or combine components to provide industry-leading capabilities for the most difficult applications in the harshest environments.

Anthelion CR185 CrZnSe Ultrafast Laser Systems


Q-Peak’s Anthelion is a diode-pumped, ultrafast, Cr:ZnSe oscillator offering a turn-key, femtosecond, pulse train in the infrared for scientific research and materials processing environments. The oscillator provides a stand-alone solution for high-repetitions rate applications or can be paired with a custom-order, chirped-pulse, regenerative amplifier for high-peak power applications.

Corona MPS gain module


The Multipass Slab (MPS) gain module design is a diode-laser, side-pumped configuration that combines high efficiency with high beam quality. Because of a relatively low volumetric thermal loading, the MPS configuration can be used with a wide variety of laser crystals and laser diodes to operate at relatively high powers. The MPS configuration can be used with a wide variety of laser crystals and laser diodes to operate at relatively high powers.

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