Roditi International Corporation Ltd.(英国)


156–158 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9TR United Kingdom
+44 20 7819 8080
+44 20 7720 5261
掺镱增益介质  过渡金属掺杂增益介质  钛掺杂增益介质  掺稀土增益介质  光学窗口  光学材料  非线性光学晶体  掺钕增益介质  激光晶体  增益介质  倍频  掺铒增益介质  柱形透镜  掺铬增益介质  双折射  紫翠宝石激光器激光晶体 


The Roditi International Corporation is the leading distributor in Europe of high quality piezoelectric and optical grade quartz crystals, laser crystals, electro-optic materials, optical components and processing equipment. Expanding into new markets with new products in the forefront of technology has been the cornerstone of Roditi's constant and successful growth.

Incorporated on 29th August 1935, Roditi rapidly developed into a successful trading company, exporting synthetic textiles, Chinese silk fabrics and commissary goods to British embassies and other international organisations throughout the world. Brazil represented a major market, and in 1951 with the freeze of foreign currency payments for “non-essential” luxury goods, Roditi and a major Brazilian importer adapted to changing times and began a highly successful trade, exchanging textiles for natural quartz. In view of the rapidly expanding European demand for its use in communication systems, watches, automotive and consumer electronics, the sale and distribution of natural quartz crystals became a major part of Roditi's business.

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