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美国SLS (Stable Laser Systems) 公司是由John (Jan) Hall的学生Mark Notcutt成立的一间公司。专门为激光系统提供光学级稳频系统(软件和硬件)的公司,特别是为ATFilms高精度的超稳F-P腔提供光学级别的固定,防震,温控,和噪音控制高稳定真空室、温控器件、以及PDH激光锁频电子系统等。


1. Mounting for a Fabry-Perot Cavity

Mount your Fabry-Perot cavity within the vacuum can to minimize the effect of vibration and optimize the thermal stability

2. Vacuum Cans for Fabry-Perot Cavities

□Option 1: Thermal Isolation of the vacuum can.

■ The can is provided with high performance thermal isolation, comprising low thermal conductivity blanket, sealed by a radiation shield. Thermoelectric coolers come with a conduction path to a heat sink/exchanger. Low thermal conductivity legs support the isolated vacuum can. A radiation shield between the vacuum can and cavity is also provided.

□ Option 2: Temperature controlled vacuum can.

■ A high performance temperature controller, with an optimized time-constant, is used to provide mK level control of the vacuum can. The temperature variation of the mounting block inside the vacuum can is ~4 mK per degree C of room temperature change.


Stable Laser Systems specializes in cavity stabilized lasers with narrow linewidth and ultra-stable drift characteristics. Accessories for laser stabilization are our forte. Related and custom products capitalize upon our expertise in optical cavity design, mounting, and isolation.

Benefits of SLS hardware and systems include prompt delivery, a multi-year warranty, full testing and precision characterization, complete system documentation and user manuals, and personal support and proven engineering.More about The SLS Advantage.

Please contact us directly for more details or to find out about our custom capabilities.

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Cavity Housings and Enclosures

Specialty Cavities

Services and Accessories

Cavity Geometry and Thermal Expansion Considerations

Complete Systems ➤

  • 1 Hz, 3 Hz, 10 Hz systems to customer specification

  • Less than 100 kHz daily drift

  • Professional installation, training, manuals, and performance warranty

  • Fully characterized performance

  • Customizable specifications, features, and accessories

  • Laboratory and portable systems

  • Easy to use frequency stabilized laser systems

  • Standard and custom wavelengths – visible, near infrared

Rack-mounted system

Rack-mounted stabilized laser : SLS-INT-1550-100-1. Rackmount systems Product details ➤

Breadboard system

Breadboard Stabilized Laser Systems : SLS-1550-200-1. Laboratory sytemsProduct details ➤

Cavity Housings ➤

  • Exceptional low-drift frequency locking

  • Vacuum housings for milliKelvin temperature control

  • Cavity mounts for vibration immunity

  • Stock designs for various ATFilms cavities

  • Standard and off-the-shelf housing and mounts, including cylindrical, notched, midplane, spherical, and cubic spacers; four-point, two-point, and tetrahedral mounting designs

  • Transportable cavity enclosures

  • Moving platform mounts – two-point and tetrahedral

  • Hermetically sealed enclosures

  • Single and dual stage temperature stabilization

Guidance for Cavity Geometry and Thermal Expansion Considerations ➤

Fabry-Perot cavity

Vacuum housing, thermal sheild, and cylindrical notched cavity (Advanced Thin Films 6020) Vacuum Housings ➤

Vacuum housing

Vacuum housing, thermal shield, and spherical cavity (Advanced Thin Films 6300). Transportable Cavity Systems, Tetrahedral Cavity Mounts, Hermetically Sealed Enclosures, etc. ➤

Services & Accessories ➤

  • Components for laser frequency stabilization

    • Temperature controllers

    • Pound-Drever-Hall(PDH) error signal detectors

    • Low noise laser diode drivers

  • Frequency transfer New ➤

  • Frequency shifting New ➤

  • Precision thermal characterization of cavities

Pound-Drever-Hall error signal detector

Pound-Drever-Hall all-in-one error signal detector : PDH-1000-Vis/NIR/XIR. Contains fully integrated detector, RF modulation output, lock-in filter and fast transimpedance detector (silicon, InGaAs, or extended InGaAs). Electronics ➤

Pound-Drever-Hall error signal detector

FNCS-1000 – Fiber Noise Cancelation System. This fiber phase noise cancelation system eliminates unwanted phase noise when distributing stabilized laser light to remote locations.Electronics ➤

Scanning, Fiber coupled, and Other Cavities ➤

  • Specialty and custom cavity devices

  • Capabilities leveraged by our expertise in optical cavity mounting, stabilization, design, and coupling.

  • Example capabilities:

    • Fiber Coupled Filter Cavities

    • Thermally Compensated Tunable Cavities

    • Folded "Z" cavities

    • Compact Assemblies

Fold Z cavity enclosure

Fiber Coupled Filter Cavities
Fiber Coupled Filter Cavities, Thermally Compensated Tunable Cavities, Folded "Z" cavities ➤

Example of SLS customized cavity

Custom enclosure for tunable Fabry-Perot cavity, designed to be readily coupled to into a MOT. 
Custom Design Services ➤

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