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Home of Single Frequency DPSS Lasers

UniKLasers Ltd is dedicated to producing Unique Lasers, namely those with the purest emitted light with true single frequency operation, all based on our patented BRaMMS technology.

The K in UniKLasers stands for our founder, Professor Fedor Karpushko, a world-renowned physicist, who during his distinguished career has constantly championed innovation and pioneered laser technology. In fact, his R&D activities resulted in more than 150 scientific and technical publications and over 40 patents.


BRaMMS-Solo 1064 – from 50mW to 3W output power at 1064nm SLM

BRaMMS-Solo 640 – from 50mW to 1.5W output power at 640nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 532 – from 50mW to 2W output power at 532nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 515 – from 50mW to 1W output power at 515nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 442 – from 10mW to 150mW output power at 442nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 355 – from 10mW to 100mW output power at 355nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 349 – from 10mW to 300mW output power at 349nm SLM

BRaMMS-Duetto 320 – from 10mW to 250mW output power at 320nm SLM

BRaMMS-Quartetto 266 – from 10mW to 200mW output power at 266nm SLM


BRaMMS-Customised  – We can deliver any wavelength and adjust the power accordingly. Let’s discuss your requirements and find the best solution.

You can open the product specification details by clicking on the relevant data sheet on the left hand side or via the Downloads tab above.

BRaMMS Quartetto-266

BRaMMS Quartetto-266/150



BRaMMS Solo-640/1000


BRaMMS Duetto-349/150

BRaMMS Duetto-349/150


BRaMMS Duetto-320

BRaMMS Duetto-320/100


BRaMMS-Solo - 1064_3000



BRaMMS Duetto-442

BRaMMS Duetto-442/50


DPSS Laser Technology Benefits
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Quartetto 266
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Duetto 320
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Duetto 349
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Duetto 355
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Duetto 442
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Duetto 515
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Duetto 532
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Solo 523
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Solo 640
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Solo 1064
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  • holographic art to large scale structural analysis;

  • from pharmaceutical instrumentation to cutting edge particle trapping techniques;

  • from semiconductor wafer micro-processing to wind turbine power generation and avionic technologies.

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