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1、Laser electronics

Diode laser controller DLC202/DLC252/DLC502



Sub-5 kHz ECDL linewidth demonstrated by customer using MOGLabs DLC controller! 

The April 25th 2014 Optics Express article is available free online.

MOGLabs rack mount kit for DLC laser controller

The MOGbox DLC202 laser diode controller is the world's first all-in-one controller for driving and frequency locking an external cavity diode laser. Every model includes: 

  • differential low-noise photodetector, 700kHz bandwidth

  • ultra-low noise diode current source, < 100pA/√Hz, DC to 1MHz

  • temperature controller with Peltier TEC driver

  • scan generator

  • two high-voltage piezo drivers

  • demodulator (lock-in amp)

  • differential photodetector

  • ac modulation source (250kHz, 500mA, e.g. for Zeeman dither coil)

  • servo feedback loop filter circuits

  • ergonomic controls, including 4.5 digit display, oscilloscope selectors

  • in-laser connection & protection board with RF (2.5GHz) input

  • full set of cables

  • manual

All in one box, based on a single 10-layer PCB (plus the external photodetector and protection/connection circuit board for the laser head).

We have used design principles developed by audio (hifi) fanatics, combined with expertise from designing complex 24-layer circuit boards for the optical fibre communications industry. 
Test results are superior to anything else available commercially; for example, linewidths below 70kHz.

Rack mount kits are now available! They incorporate full extension ball-bearing runners that easily slide out from the rack, to access internals or rear-mounted cables.

MOGLabs external cavity diode lasers

Click here for more information about our lasers.

The ultimate controller for single-frequency diode lasers

Everything you need to drive an external-cavity diode laser and lock it to an atomic reference 

Superior performance and ease of use

Eight devices in one

  • Ultra-low noise current source

  • Photodetector

  • Feedback servos

  • Modulator driver

  • Temperature controller

  • Lock-in amplifier

  • Piezo drivers

  • Sweep ramp generator


  • Autolock to trace centre

  • Intuitive controls

  • Two signal monitor outputs

  • Compact economical design


  • 100, 200, 250, 500mA

  • High compliance voltage

  • Rack mount kits

The datasheet for the DLC202/252/502 is available here.Further details and product manual can be found under SUPPORT.

2、Tunable cateye Lasers

Cateye diode laser CEL002

MOGLabs external cavity cateye diode laser

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser offers a new twist in external cavity diode lasers. A cateye reflector and ultranarrow filter replace the alignment-sensitive diffraction grating of conventional Littrow and Litman-Metcalf designs. 

MOGLabs external cavity cateye diode laser

The CEL002 is robust, stable, and acoustically inert.  You can literally hit it with a hammer and it will stay locked, and it is inherently self-aligning so you can tune tens of nanometres without having to realign.  In combination with MOGLabs electronics, the linewidth can be well below 100 kHz.  Most laser diode wavelengths are available, for example 393 to 400, 423 to 426, 460, 470, 638, 647, 671, 739 to 800, 820 to 895, 920 to 935, at powers up to 200mW extra‐cavity.

Enjoy the rock-solid stability normally expected only from DFB and DBR diodes – but with wide-range tunability, order-of-magnitude smaller linewidth, broader range of wavelengths, much lower sensitivity to optical feedback – and much lower diode cost.


  • Cateye filter design

  • Fast piezo feedback

  • Precision wavelength adjustment

  • High bandwidth direct modulation

  • Microwave RF modulation

  • Diode protection circuit and relay


  • Acoustically inert and passively stable

  • Narrow linewidth

  • Low frequency-noise

  • Self-aligning

  • High feedback bandwidth

  • Use with MOGLabs external cavity diode laser controller, or your existing commercial or home-made electronics


  • Laser cooling and trapping

  • Bose-Einstein condensation

  • Trapped ions

  • Quantum optics: squeezed light

  • Electromagnetic transparency and slow light

  • Time and frequency standards

  • Laser spectroscopy

  • Physics teaching labs

The datasheet for the CEL002 is available here. Further details and product manual can be found under SUPPORT.

performance data for typical test results.

CEF extended cateye diode laser

MOGLabs external cavity cateye diode laser

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser is also available in an extended chassis which allows internal mounting of a Faraday isolator, and single-mode fibre coupling.  Fibre coupling is extremely simple and stable using two mirrors (or one mirror and PBS beamsplitter cube, for access to a second beam for frequency stabilisation).  We typically use Schafter+Kirchhoff couplers as shown but can also use Thorlabs FiberPort adapters.  Coupling efficiency is over 70% with near infra-red diodes.

The datasheet for the CEF is available 

3、Tunable Littrow Lasers

Littrow extended cavity diode laser ECD004

MOGLabs external cavity diode laser

Our latest research-quality Littrow configuration extended cavity diode laser with monoblock chassis. Machined from a solid block of aluminium alloy, this laser is compact (105x90x90mm), robust and stable. With a standard (uncoated) 780nm diode, the laser will scan modehop-free at least 15GHz (in some cases up to 40GHz). The linewidth is routinely below 200kHz and can easily achieve sub-100kHz.

The diode is user-changeable and we even include a free spare!

Some common configurations:

Basic:          780nm with 90mW diode (60mW output)
Advanced:   780nm, 795nm or 852nm, UltraAR diode, 100mW output
High power: 770 - 820nm, UltraAR diode, 150mW output
Extreme:     770 - 820nm, UltraAR diode, 200mW output

Note: UltraAR diode requires 500mA supply, e.g. DLC-502

The datasheet for the ECD004 is available 
here.  Further details and product manual can be found under the SUPPORT menu.

MOGLabs external cavity diode laser

MOGLabs external cavity diode laser

MOGLabs offers a vast array of wavelengths including, but not limited to, 369.5nm, 399nm, 405nm, 413nm, 422nm, 461nm, 492nm, 639nm, 657nm, 671nm, 689nm, 767nm, 770-820nm, 852nm, 866nm, 960nm, 1033nm, 1092nm...just ask us!

Click here for information on AR-coated diodes, Faraday isolators, and other options.

 Free diode for select wavelength/power combinations only, e.g. 780nm/90mW, 660nm/120mW.

4、RF synthesizers and AOM drivers

Noise eater, agile RF synthesizer and AOM driver - ARF/XRF

MOGLabs agile RF synthesiser synthesizer and AOM driver ARF-421

The MOGLabs ARF421 AOM driver provides two channels of agile RF frequency synthesis with
optional high-power output drivers.  Built-in PID feedback servo allows simple application as an optical power noise eater.  Uses AD9910 DDS cores, a high-speed FPGA, and separate microcontrollers for communication and control.

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Super agile RF synthesizer - SAS (in development)

MOGLabs super agile RF synthesizer synthesiser SAS-021

The MOGLabs SAS021/SAS421 uses enhanced DDS devices (AD9914) for faster and higher resolution RF control.  We expect customer-ready product in 2017.

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5、Optical amplifiers

Optical amplifier MOA002

MOGLabs optical tapered amplifier

The MOGLabs amplifier is a low-cost tapered amplifier for use with single-frequency external cavity diode lasers. Laser power is increased by up to 2W, while maintaining the tunability and linewidth of the injection seed laser. Replacement of the  amplifier diode and alignment are easily accomplished by the end-user.  Wavelength options extend from 630nm to 1064nm, and powers up to 2W. 

Available with optional input and output isolators.


  • Wavelength 630nm – 1064nm

  • Output power up to 2W

  • Nearly diffraction limited

  • Easy coupling to master oscillator


  • High performance, low cost

  • Stable and robust

  • Use with MOGLabs extended cavity diode lasers ECD004 and CEL002 or your own laser


  • Laser cooling and trapping

  • Bose-Einstein condensation

  • Quantum optics: squeezed light

  • Electromagnetic transparency and slow light

  • Time and frequency standards

  • Laser spectroscopy

  • Physics teaching labs

The datasheet for the MOA002 is available here and under SUPPORT.

6、Laser and controller accessories

MOGphoto balanced differential Si-PIN photodiode pair - PDD001-°°-λ

MOGLabs balanced differential photodetector pair

The photodetector supplied with MOG controllers is available separately. In standard configuration, it provides a balanced differential Si-PIN photodiode pair, with 720kHz bandwidth (–3dB) and very low noise. Standard photodiode options include 350nm–1120nm, 400–1100nm or 740–1100nm (solar blind) sensitivity, ±10, 20 or 75° degree field of view. Dimensions are 68 × 30 × 30 mm. 

PDD001-°°-λ     US$730 

°° = ±10°, ±20° ± 75°  specifies the field of view

λ=400–1100nm, 740–1100nm specifies the spectral sensitivity

MOGshutter electronic optical shutter driver - SD002

MOGLabs optical shutter driver for mechanical hard drive voice coil actuator laser shutter

Our electronic driver for a very fast (sub-microsecond) mechanical shutter for laser beams, using a voice coil actuator from a hard disc drive. The actual shutter is described in the paper Enhanced laser shutter using a hard disk drive voice-coil actuator, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78 026101 (2007).

The shutter, and variations based on loudspeaker voice coils, relay actuators and other electromechanical devices, are easily constructed, but the electronics can be a nuisance. MOGLabsoffer an advanced version of the circuit described in the paper above, for use with any standard plugpack power supply (DC 12 to 48 V). It offers both manual (toggle switch) and TTL control, and will drive a forward or reverse current, up to 6 amps. 

SD002 fully assembled and tested    US$390 

Please note, we do not offer the mechanical shutter, only the electronic driver. Substantial information regarding mechanical shutters is availablehere.

Diode laser and controller options and accessories

MOGLabs Zeeman modulation coils and diode laser accessories

Several accessories can be provided for our diode laser controllers and laser heads, such as AR-coated diodes, Faraday isolators, vapour cells, headboards, Zeeman modulation coils, and more. 

Go to diode laser accessories page.

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