Lumentum Operations, LLC(美国)



LUMENTUM is an OEM laser manufacturer who develop solutions for a broad range of applications including, biotechnology instrumentation, reprographics, semiconductor processing and inspection, remote sensing, materials processing and biohazard detection. Their products include Q-switched, mode-locked, and continuous wave diode-pumped solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, industrial diode lasers, helium-neon as well as argon-ion gas lasers. They are leaders in providing highly reliable, long lasting laser solutions to OEMs.


6.3 kW Fiber Laser Engine, 1080 nm

kW Class Lasers

Building with high-power modules enables straightforward power scaling while maintaining the high optical brightness necessary for ultra-fast, precise materials processing.

Turnkey Fiber LasersFiber Laser EnginesTurnkey Direct Diode LasersDirect Diode Engines

 Compact Picosecond Micromachining Laser - PicoBlade 2

Ultrafast Lasers

Enabling a broad range of new applications.

Ultrafast Industrial Lasers  Ultrafast Scientific Lasers

Q-Switched Lasers

The tightest possible process tolerances for micromachining and other materials-processing applications.

Continuous Wave Single Frequency IR Laser - NPRO 125/126 Series

Low Power CW Lasers

A wide selection of gas and CW DPSS lasers.

Gas Lasers Solid State Lasers

Commercial Lasers


Cloud/Data Center

Enabling low-cost, high-capacity, and intra and inter data center connectivity.


A broad range of products for enterprise networks including transceivers, tunable transmission modules, SDN whiteboxes, and ROADMs.

Metro Optical

Helping customers realize the full potential of modern metro networks.

Long Haul Optical

Enabling flexibility and scalability in long-haul networks.

Telecom Service Provider

Engineered to meet quality, interoperability, robustness, and reliability requirements.

High-Reliability Applications (Submarine)

Best-in-class reliability and performance and the broadest product portfolio in the industry.


Enabling operational flexibility for need-based transport systems.


A comprehensive line of detectors, modulators, and pump lasers designed specifically for CATV applications.

Wireless Backhaul

A variety of lead-free and RoHS-compliant SFP+ transceivers for wireless broadband.

Multi-Service Systems Operator (MSO)

Reducing cost where it counts and maximizing value in fiber assets.

Government, Aerospace, Defense

Providing robust, reliable solutions for unique requirements.

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